The Sumitomo Foundation about FY2016 Japan-related research grant program

FY2016 Japan-Related Grant Research  Program to our URL:

Please check your document before sending it to Sumitomo.
If not, you have to correct and re-sending them by the end of October after receiving such incorrect applications, because Sumitomo can not accept these incorrect applications.

1) “Subject of Research Project” is suitable for Japan-Related Research Grant program for mutual understandings.
2) Total amount of line items on P8 is correctly calculated and total amount is equal to “applied grant amount” on P1.
3) Line item of Applied Grant Amount does not include following items.
– Remuneration for services rendered by the applicant and/or his/her collaborator(s).
– Administrative expenses of universities, research institutes.
– Expenses for procurement of any equipment for general use such as PCs, Servers, printers, Cameras and others.
– Food and Beverage
4)There is not modification/extension/elimination of application items and format.
5) One letter of recommendation is attached(either in English or Japanese)

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