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Invitation to the Eighth China International College Students’ “Internet+” Entrepreneurship Competition from Xiamen University

Invitation to the Eighth China International College Students’ “Internet+” Entrepreneurship Competition from Xiamen University

Invitation to the Eighth China International College Students’ “Internet+” Entrepreneurship Competition from Xiamen University

Xiamen University (XMU) sincerely invites excellent young people engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship all over the world to the Eighth China International College Students’ “Internet+” Entrepreneurship Competition.


What is the Competition?

China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been held for seven sessions since 2015. Participated by 25.33 million college students in 6.03 million teams from 121 countries and regions in five continents, the competition has become the largest global event for innovation and entrepreneurship. More than 70,000 projects have turned into companies, creating more than 600,000 jobs directly and more than 4 million jobs indirectly. Their official website is https://www.pilcchina.org/


Why participate?

A total 50 projects will receive the Gold Award, 100 projects the Silver Award, and 350 projects the Bronze Award.

award certificates

assistance in finding investment and incubators

cash award up to one million RMB (corresponding cash award are based on the results in the championship round at the Competition)


When and where will it be held?

The final competition will be held in Chongqing University, in late October, 2022.


Can I apply?

l  The Competition only accepts team entries, which may be formed by members from more than one college.

l  2 to 15 people in a team (team leader included).

l  all entrants must be students who are currently enrolled at a college/university located outside China or those who have graduated within the past 5 years.

l  entrants must be under 35 years old (born after March 1, 1987)

l  no limitation of applicants’ nationality and ethnicity, and the projects’ place of business.

l  projects in all kinds of fields are welcomed, not necessarily “Internet” related. Preferably, the project should incubate new products, new business forms and models, promote the transformation and upgrading of industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, health, energy, environmental protection, and other strategic emerging industries and promote the integration of the digital technologies with education, medical care, transport, finance, and consumption for living and cultural exchanges.


Are there any other rules?

All projects entered will be divided into two main groups: Undergraduate Group and Postgraduate Group according to entrants’ academic status. Each group can be further divided into three categories: Creativity Category, Emerging Project Category, and Rising Project Category according to business start-up stages. Please see the attachment for more details.


When to apply to XMU?

Before May 31


How to apply?

Fill out the online form https://forms.office.com/r/JPMCi631ej


What next?

Jun.1-Jul.15             Register at the official website of PILC: https://www.pilcchina.org/ during 0:00 Please select “Xiamen University” as the recommended university in registration. XMU will provide help with your participation.

Jul.16 – Jul.31           Qualification review

Aug.1- Aug.15          Online evaluation

late October            Final competition. Online or on-site. If on-site competition is possible, the committee will cover for 1-2 members from each of the finalist teams the travel expenses (round-trip and economy class only) and the local accommodation and transportation expenses during the competition period.

Attachment-Invitation Letter from the Organizing Committee



For more information, please contact Ms. Claire Lin ltj@xmu.edu.cn 

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