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Immigration Matters

To enter Indonesia as a student at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), you are required to apply for Study Permit (SP) & C-316 Visa or Limited Stay Visa (VITAS). Usually taking 2 weeks to process, Study Permit is issued by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology (Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology) in Jakarta. The International Relations Office ITB (IRO ITB), or the Division of International Partnerships under the Bureau of Partnerships ITB., will help you in the process. After IRO ITB receives all required documents, it takes about 2-3 months until your VITAS is issued.

After you have arrived in Indonesia, the following are required to be processed (applicable to all with VITAS):

  1. Indonesian Police Report Letter (or STM)
  2. Limited Stay Permit (or ITAS), which is converted from your VITAS
  3. Temporary Residential Card (or SKTT)
  4. Change of Address (only if applicable)
  5. New Passport Registration (only if applicable)

Once you have received your LoA from ITB, your Study Permit will be processed. The following are the required documents to process your Study Permit:

Study Permit documents:

  1. Letter of Acceptance from ITB (Example: LoA)
  2. An Academic Report/Transcript (Example: transcript)
  3. A Curriculum Vitae/Resume (Form: CV)
  4. A letter of Declaration stating that you (Form: Declaration letter) a) will obey Indonesian rules and laws and b) will not involve in any work activities
  5. A letter of Sponsorship or of Financial guarantee (if you self support) (Example: Sponsor Letter Scholarship/Institution) (Example: Sponsor Letter Self funding)

    • If self-funded, please write the letter with your signature or your representative’s;
    • If sponsored by an institution, please present the letter or proof of funding;
    • For KNB students, the Bureau of Partnerships ITB has a copy of it;
  6. Health Declaration/Report, signed by a medical doctor within a maximum of 2 months before applying;(Health Certificate)
  7. A color scan of valid Passport: (Example: passport)
    •  18-month passport validity remaining to apply for a 6-month SP and KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Visa)
    • 24-month passport validity remaining to apply for a 12-month SP and KITAS
    • 36-month passport validity remaining to apply for a 24-month SP and KITAS
    • (So, if your passport nearing expiration, we recommend that you have it renew to the maximum time allowable before you begin applying procedures.)
  8. formal photos (no-tshirt) – red background (Example: Photo)

Once the Study Permit is issued, the VITAS will be processed. The following are the required documents to process your VITAS:

VITAS Documents:

  1. Guarantee Letter (to be processed by ITB)
  2. Study Permit (to be processed by ITB)
  3. Colored Scan of Valid Passport (ID page)
  4. Colored scan of front/cover passport (Example: Cover passport)
  5. Proof of Sufficient Funds (at least USD 2.000) – e.g. bank account (Example: Bank Account)
  6. Formal photos (no-tshirt) (colored, in jpeg, size 100-200 kb, white background, taken within the last 6 months, no editing)  (Example: Photo)
  7. Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate;
  8. Statement letter under the pandemic
  9. Certificate or Statement of Good Conduct in English (a letter issued by home university or employer – with letterhead, confirming that you behaved well and/or has not been involved in any criminal activity.
  10. Health Insurance (for the period of stay in Indonesia)
  11. Travel Insurance (covering covid-19 treatment, if testing positive after arrival in Indonesia);

Please send all the documents (for VITAS only send documents no 3-11) to iro@itb.ac.id. Based on the submitted documents, IRO ITB will process your Study Permit and VITAS.

Study Permit and Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) Application Flow Chart:  https://bit.ly/staypermitflowchart.

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