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Ajou International Summer School Program

Ajou International Summer School Program

As of 2023, the 50th anniversary of university foundation, we have restored the AISS (Ajou International Summer School) program to strengthen our relationship with special friends who we have made a close partnership with, especially in the U.S region, Europe and Asia region.In Particular, to make our foundation minds “Respect for Humanity”, “Truth-seeking Based on Practicality”, and “Uniting Humankind for One Global Society” to come true, we make a 2023 AISS program consisting of exploring diverse Korean culture.The program will also allow students from all around the world to have the opportunity to nurture their academic nutrition while learning business and economy encompassing Korea and the World as well as basic Korean.

Through the program, students will have unforgettable memories while experiencing K-Culture programs such as K-POP dance class and making Korean cuisine as well as short trips to the East Coast of the Korean Peninsula.For your reference, let me tell you some brief information about the program.
Duration : Monday, July 24 ~ Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Program Details : Please, check the AISS Program Brochure
Regarding the safety concern for the student, we have a top 5 university hospital nationwide which provides us with taking well care of your students with extra care with our staff members during the program. students will tune their arrival date to July 23 and departing date to August 10.
We offer 30% or 100% scholarship of tuition fees for the partner institutions.
Please refer to our AISS materials below.
  • AISS Program Brochure



  1. Academic Transcript
  2. Recommendation Letter from Academic Advisor & Study Program (Please use this template);
  3. Financial Guarantee Letter (Please use this template);
  4. Health Guarantee Letter (Please use this template);
  5. Recent CV
  6. Applicants must possess a competent command of spoken and written English, which corresponds to:
    • IELTS: a minimum of 6 for the Writing sub-test
    • TOEFL: a minimum of 570 (paper) or 90 (internet) or 237 (computer)
    • SAT1: a minimum of 600 for the Verbal section; or 7 for the Essay section
    • IB: a minimum of 6 for Higher level English
    • MUET: Band 6 and a minimum of 50 for writing
    General Paper of the Singapore Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Examination: A,
    B, C, D or E
The deadline of the application is on 19 of  JUNE 2023 AT 9.00 AMby email to IRO@ITB.AC.ID

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