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AEE-APRC Conference 2023

AEE-APRC Conference 2023

AEE-APRC Conference 2023

The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) Asia Pacific Regional (in collaboration with SUSS) brings you the inaugural APAC Regional Conference that aims to:

  • recognise the good practices of educators, practitioners and students in experiential education
  • explore ideas and enactment of sustainability and inclusivity in experiential education
  • celebrate partnerships and expand reach through networking and collaboration
  • celebrate the leadership of APAC council in AEE

The theme of the conference is “Sustainability and Inclusivity in Experiential Education.” We hope that this will be a platform where researchers, practitioners and students would explore and share sustainability and inclusivity education and practices through experiential learning.

Some possible themes related to sustainability include avoiding depletion of natural resources, ecological balance. sustained functioning of the environment, reducing one’s impact on the environment, sharing of good practices, impact driven narratives and enhancing connection with nature.

Themes around inclusivity may include sharing of findings, practices, programmes and/or narratives of provision of equal access to opportunities and resources to all.

We welcome practitioners, researchers, educators and students to be part of our conference and share your experiences and research. Please choose ONE track for your submission.

Pre-conference Event: 12 June 2023
Conference: 13 to 15 June 2023

  • Keynote Address on Experiential Education in Inclusivity
  • Concurrent breakout sharing session in the 3 strands
  • Plenary sessions with AEE Asia Pacific council members
  • Experiential Learning Journeys

Please register by February 28, 2023.

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