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Ahlia EO2023 Conference (Scopus), Manama, Bahrain

Ahlia EO2023 Conference (Scopus), Manama, Bahrain

The Conference aims to gather leading academics, professionals, scholars, and researchers ‎to share their knowledge and new ideas and discuss current developments in the ‎field of Sustainable Leadership and Technology Innovation Management focusing on Equal ‎Opportunities in relation to leadership and sustainable management. This conference aims ‎to shed the light on topics related to the use of technology and innovation management that ‎could support business sustainability and leadership engagement. The conference aims to ‎tackle issues related to the following aspects: ‎

  • Assess the impact of sustainable leadership, technology, and innovation on organizational ‎effectiveness. ‎
  • Shed light on different sustainable leadership practices in relation to the use of digital ‎sustainability, technology, and innovation.‎
  • Publish high-quality research that focuses on sustainable leadership in a transformative ‎environment covering various contextual factors.
  • Act as a guide for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers while devising or revising policies ‎and procedures related to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.‎

We are pleased to announce that Springer Nature’s proceedings technically support the 6th Equal Opportunities Conference. The conference book proceeding will be ‎published with ISBN number by Springer Nature and indexed by SCOPUS. ‎

A selection of papers will be published as Journal Publication in Q1 and Q2 in a special issue ‎dedicated to the conference subject to further developments to match the journal ‎requirements. ‎

Important Dates:

• Conference Dates: February 6-8, 2023 ‎• Paper Submission Deadline: Jan 20, 2023. ‎• Deadline for registration of authors of accepted papers: Jan 31, 2023.‎

Please note the dates and share it with your network and colleagues and remind them to ‎submit directly through the system as per the allocated deadlines.‎

Note: for more details, you can visit the conference website: www.ahliaeo.com; and you can submit your paper via the following link: https://confmanage.com/Account/Login?id=20 

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