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SIT 2022 Online Course Taking Program

SIT 2022 Online Course Taking Program

We woul like to share the information of  “Online Course-taking Program” which has been so well received in Spring and we will be offering it
again this Fall 2022.

Program information

In this program, students:

  1. are free to take a wide range of courses, from advanced courses in science and engineering fields to general courses such as Japanese
    language courses
  2. can take from 1 course, may find the course not offered by your university.
  3. can experience the atmosphere of SIT without worrying about living expenses and travel fees.

    More Details:
    Application Period: July 1st – July 31th
    Program fee:
    – Partner university: ONLY Registration fee: JPY15,000
    – Non-partner university: Registration fee: JPY15,000,
    Admission fee: JPY40,000, Tuition:JPY15,000 per 1 credit.

    Courses: Please note that most of the courses are often conducted in
    Japan’s standard time zone.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the section
    in charge of the Online Course taking Program at

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