[Tokyo Tech] Exchange Programs Information for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech)! International Exchange Students for the 2017-2018 academic year (April 2017 – March 2018) has officially begun.

As in the past, Tokyo Tech will host two exciting exchange programs for the 2017-2018 academic year: the YSEP (Young Scientist Exchange Program) for senior/final-year undergraduate students and master’s students, and the ACAP (Academic Cooperation Agreement Program) for both undergraduate (second year or above) and graduate-level students.

The program information and application procedures are detailed in the attached documents.

Besides, with regard to ACAP, please note that only the applicants who expect to start their studies at Tokyo Tech in either APRIL or SEPTEMBER and stay for 2 QUARTERS (A SEMESTER) OR LONGER are eligible to apply for a JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) Scholarship.

General Information on YSEP

06 General Information on ACAP


  1. Official transcript (in English)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. TOEFL or IELTS, with minimum score of: TOEFL 550, IELTS 6,5, iBT 100
  4. Motivation Letter

Application Deadlines

Please submit the requirements above to the International Relation Office ITB, Jalan Ganesha No. 17, Bandung due to 19 January 2017, at 14.00 WIB, for further selection process.

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