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Stipendium Hungarcium Scholarship Programme: Call for Applications 2020-2021

Stipendium Hungarcium Scholarship Programme: Call for Applications 2020-2021

We are pleased to inform you about the opening of the new Stipendium Hungaricum Call for Applications for studies starting in the academic year 2020-2021. Please find attached the Call for Applications, also available on the Tempus Public Foundation’s official website: www.stipendiumhungaricum.hu. According to the schedule of the application process, the most important deadlines are the followings:

15 November 2019 – opening of the DreamApply online application surface for SH applicants

15 January 2020 – application deadline to Stipendium Hungaricum


The four main changes in this year’s Call for Applications are the following:

– Due to the different conditions and requirements of the doctoral programme, two different Call for Applications released.

– Applicants for doctoral programmes can not apply for bachelor, master, one-tier master and non-degree programmes.

– All students applying for a doctoral program must have a supervisor at the host university. A statement of acceptance issued by the supervisor must be attached to the application.

– In the first year of their studies, non-doctoral students are required to attend the course of „Hungarian as foreign language” offered by the host university, and to pass an exam at the end of the second semester.



If you would have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact :


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