Invitation Radboud University about Academic Writing

Do your students or researchers struggle writing about their research in English? Radboud University have extensive experience teaching academic/scientific writing to speakers of Indonesian.

Radboud University kindly invite you for an online meeting in which Radboud University head of course development, Dr. Caro Struijke, will briefly introduce you and other board members and teachers of Indonesian universities to the online courses Radboud University offer. Please sign up here for the meeting on 30 November at 04.00 pm (Indonesian time, that is 10:00 am Amsterdam time).

Would you prefer to have an individual consult to discuss how you can help your students or researchers write better in English – or how to give your teachers tools to better teach scientific writing? Please contact Radboud University to set a date and time at your convenience.


Further information about Radboud University online courses

Radboud University offer online courses on academic/scientific writing suitable for PhD candidates, junior researchers and advanced students. They were developed and are taught by Radboud University linguists experienced in teaching academic writing to speakers of Indonesian.

Course 1: Language Development for Academic Writing

This course is geared towards speakers of languages, like Indonesian, that express time, definiteness and other concepts very differently than English. This course will help participants overcome these final language hurdles by learning relevant English language issues from a unique, non-European perspective. All examples are from academic/scientific published articles and participants receive teacher feedback on their own text.

Course 2: Scientific Writing

In this course, participants learn to write a paper containing an introduction, methods section, results section and discussion. Radboud University offer a generic version of the course, as well as versions that are geared toward learners in medical and biomedical sciences, life sciences, linguistics and communication, or psychology. Course topics include style, structure, paragraphing, readability and writing convincingly. During the course, participants receive teacher feedback on their own text.


Teaching method

Participants improve their language and writing skills by

  • individually using an online tool. Here they learn theory, are exposed to example extracts from published articles from a variety of disciplines, and perform interactive tasks.
  • collaborately performing writing tasks in the online classroom
  • receiving personal guidance and feedback inside and outside of the classroom

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