Event : Sherlock Holmes in Action and FTMD Mengajar

Future Global Leader Program
Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Institut Teknologi Bandung


FTMD Mengajar
Sherlock Holmes in action

November 21, 2015

FTMD Mengajar.

If you like children and teaching this is the perfect program for you.^^
In this program you will visit elementary school
You will briefly introduce your country and give a fun class about environment.
Have lunch and conduct short art class.

Sherlock Holmes in Action.

This is a perfect program to spend your evening with your friends and meet new Indonesian students.
In this program all of you will be SHERLOCK HOLMES to find your way out from the mission.
Come and prove how smart you are in real life ^^

For more information and RSVP please contact us ^^

FTMD Mengajar : Fikri (0812-8466-0361)
Sherlock Holmes in Action : Ervin (0897-7079-0808), saputroervindwi@gmail.com

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