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Call for Participants – OPRO(Online Program in Ritsumeikan OIC)

Call for Participants – OPRO(Online Program in Ritsumeikan OIC)

Call for Participants – OPRO(Online Program in Ritsumeikan OIC)

This past summer, Ritsumeikan University held a new short-term online educational program, OPRO (Online Program in Ritsumeikan OIC) to which we welcomed 20 students from 5 countries.

The participants took a deep look at the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), learning about how Japan is tackling some of the goals while conducting research into initiatives happening in their own countries.

All of the participants successfully completed the program and in doing so received certificates of completion from Ritsumeikan university.


By popular demand, RU will be holding the next OPRO program this winter. In this coming program RU will take on the theme of the state of affairs in the post-COVID world.

The themes of RU main lectures are as follows:

Beyond COVAX: the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access

Understanding Negotiations and Deals in Politics through Cases of Water Conflicts

Gaming on the Pandemic: Can the new treaty solve the next pandemic?


Like the event held during the summer, we plan to have support from our well-received TAs as well as international exchange activities and a live-streamed tour from Ritsumeikan students themselves.

OPRO Winter 2022 Flyer

The details of the program are as follows:


Online Program in Ritsumeikan Osaka Ibaraki Campus (OPRO)

Topic: The Post-COVID State of Global Affairs


Dates: February 14, 2022 – February 21, 2022

Class Time: 450 minutes (including gaming simulations and group work)

Format: Virtual Classroom (Zoom)


Actively participating in 2 role-playing type political gaming-simulations

Exchange activities with Ritsumeikan University students including a live-streamed Kansai tour

Diligent support from Ritsumeikan University teaching assistants (1 TA per 5 students

Group presentations and conferment of completion certificates


Price: 1,000JPY (about 9USD)

Application Deadline: January 27, 2022

Application URL: https://forms.gle/UBVspBNa9b2ZLtRE6

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