Call for Applications – Medical & Pharmacy Specialized Training in France

French University Hospitals issued a call for international applications to :

DFMS: Specialist Medical Training Diploma ; 2 to 6 semesters

DFMSA: Advanced Medical Training Diploma ; 1 or 2 semesters.

Trainees will serve, within the framework of their studies, as Intern/House  Doctors ,  with  a  salary  ranging  from  1 300  €  to  2000  €  depending  on  their qualifications.

Deadline 15th of January. B2 level in French required by April 2021. Due to the tight schedule, it may be worth spreading the Call to students enrolled in their last year &  fresh graduates, who may better plan to apply to next year’s call – and get ready for it.

Applicants may contact Ms. Philippe Grangé <> to assist them in filing in the (tedious) application.

Medicine and pharmacy studies are a very demanding study journey.

Call for Application – Medical and Pharmacy Diploma

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