Institution Valid Until Scope
Kunming University Of Science And Technology September, 2017 (1) Collaborative delivery of any programme of either party; (2) The promotion and development of research in areas of mutual interst; (3) The provision of opportunities for staff and students seeking enrolment on research programmes leading to MA, MSc, MEng, MPhil and PhD degrees; (4) Staff and Student exchanges; (5) Credit rating and recognition of completed programmes with one party which allows for shorter periods of study at the other party resulting in an award form that other party; (6) The Exchange of ideas and good practice in the management, delivery, and quality assurance of higher education programmes;
Tsinghua University December, 2018 (-) Joint research in the fields of mutual interest to both institutions;
(-) Exchange of faculty members and researchers;
(-) Exchange ofstudents;
(-) Joint organization of seminars and academic meetings;
(-) Exchange of materials in education, and research, publications and academic information.
National Chiao Tung University June, 2018 1. faculty exchange
2. dual degree programs
3. student exchange
4. exchange of scientific and teaching materials
5. joint research projects
6. conferences
UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY BEIJING 1 July 2019 Intended to help facilitate a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship between the two institutions.
International Collaboration

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