Facilities of ITB

ITB is a single-campus university. The ITB campus itself is only 5 minutes drive from downtown Bandung. The university prides itself in its historical campus. There are both fine old and several modern buildings scattered around the campus. The old ones were designed in 1918-1919 by a Delft graduate, Maclaine Pont. The campus is leafy and comfortable so that it invites visitors to take a stroll around. One other major advantage is that it is easily reachable from all corners of the city by public transportation.

The ITB main campus, to the north of the downtown Bandung, and other supporting facilities, covers a total area of 770,000 square meters.

Students Dormitories, lecturers’ housing and administrative headquarters are not on the main campus but are within easy reach. Some illustrations of facilities in the campus include book shops, student cafeterias and canteens. The architecture of ITB is a fine mixture of the traditional and the modern, and the beauty of the buildings is enhanced by the surrounding lawns and gardens.

In addition to lecture rooms, laboratories, workshops and studios, ITB has an art gallery, sports facilities and a student activity center. Also near the campus is the Salman Mosque for worship and religious activities of the ITB Muslim community. For implementation of academic and research activities there are seven academic support facilities, i.e. the Central Library (with approximately 150,000 books and 1000 journal titles) in the campus, Sports Center, Language Center, and the Bosscha Observatory (a facility of the Study Program of Astronomy) in Lembang, 11 kilometers to the north of Bandung.

(Source: Informasi Umum – Program Studi)

List of Facilities