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Exploring ITB

As an international student, you should be able to feel the warmth of ITB and make friendships which will last a lifetime. You do not only occupy your life with academic activities. You can always take parts in sports, arts and other cultural activities.

Each program study has its own students association with activities ranging from organizing academic seminars to fun and so scientific home tournaments. Each students association is proud of its unique jackets, worn only by its members. Apart from the program study associations, there are other associations crossing program study boundaries, and dealing mostly with cultural, environmental or religious issues. There are also some sports related studies. For international students; the International Student Forum (ISF) is a home, in which you can mingle with both home and overseas students from different countries.

As there are a lot of possibilities, you will surely be able to find an association of your interest.

The Student Life
Educational System
Facilities of ITB
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