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[Yonsei University] 2023 Winter Abroad at Yonsei is open! (Sept11 ~)

[Yonsei University] 2023 Winter Abroad at Yonsei is open! (Sept11 ~)

[Yonsei University] 2023 Winter Abroad at Yonsei is open! (Sept11 ~)

We are glad to introduce the 2023 Winter Abroad at Yonsei (WAY) to you and students at dear partner institutions.

Please refer to the below information. 


<Important Dates>


1. Program Period 

– December 27th ~ January 17th   


2. Application Period: September 11th ~ November 16th


3. Payment Deadline: November 30th


4. Early Bird Promotion Deadline:  

-Application Due- October 12th


  -Payment Due- October 26th



All students who apply for 2023 WAY by October 12th and make full payment by October 26th are eligible for the Early Bird Promotion. They will get a 15% discount from their tuition fee. At the same time, only these students can participate in the 1st Course Enrollment and 1st round dormitory registration.



<About WAY>

WAY offers 6 different fields 27 Courses including 4 online courses.


*Course syllabus can be found on the website below*



Students do not need to physically attend the classes for those above online-only courses, which will allow more freedom and flexibility.



Extracurricular Activities

WAY offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as one-day or field trips. The schedule may be subject to change under the COVID-19 situation.

These are activities that we have arranged at this moment.

– DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Tour

– Cooking class

– Taekwondo class

– SKI Trip 




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