Institution Valid Until Scope
Kyushu Institute of Technology 5 March 2019 Joint research Exchange of academic, Exchange of faculty, Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students
RlTSUMEIKAN UNIVERSITY 31 March 2018 Student Exchange For Aims Program
Tohoku University 4 Juni 2018 1) Promotion of joint research and educational activities; 2) Invitation to short-term visits of faculty members and researchers for lectures, conferences, collquia, and symposia or other academic activities; 3) Exchange of information and pertinent publication in fields of interest to both universities; 4) Exchange of faculty members, researchers and students for study and research.
Toyohashi University of Technology 28 December 2020 The Exchange Agreement and The Agreement Covering The Implementation of A Student Exvhange Program
Osaka University February, 2017 Collaborative research, lectures, symposiums, etc., and exchange of researchers; Exchange of information and materials in those fields which are of interest to both parties; Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students.
The Graduate School of Environmental Studies (GSES), Tohoku University 31 March 2017 1. International Environmental Leadership Program
2. Agreement on the use of ITB facilities for the International Environmental Leadership Program of Tohoku University
Hokkaido University 20 March 2020 Exchange of faculty members and research fellows, Exchange of students, Exchange of academic materials, publications and information, Conducting joint research projects and organizing symposiums.
International Collaboration

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