Credit Transfer, Course Registration, and Credit Equivalency

Credit Transfer

When you are participating in Outbound Semester Exchange, you are taking academic credits for courses you are taking at a partner university. In principle, those academic credits can be transferred to ITB. This means that some credits required in your study program at ITB can be replaced by the credits you have earned at the partner university. In order to make sure that the credits can be transferred, you need to consult your Academic Advisor and/or Study Program if the credits that you take can be transferred or claimed at ITB.

Course Registration

Each partner university usually provides a tentative list of courses that may be available during your exchange semester and that you can consult with your Academic Advisor and/or Study Program. The process of course selection takes place since your application period to the university until the first few weeks of your exchange semester. During the finalization of course selection, it is imperative that you also consult with your Academic Advisor and/or Study Program.

In addition, accepted students need to inquire immediately to their Study Program or Faculty/School to check on the academic requirements and procedures for Semester 1 2021-2022, such as how to register as a student for 0 SKS and pay the tuition at ITB.

Credit Equivalency

Each region or country has its own academic credit system. Here is the general guideline for the credit equivalency:

  1. For universities in Southeast Asia, Japan and China (Mainland), 1 credit = 1 SKS. In these universities, you usually can take up to around 20 total credits per semester (more or less the same as the ITB / Indonesian credit system).
  2. For universities in Europe, 1 ECTS = 0.67 SKS (1.5 ECTS = 1 SKS). In these universities, you usually can take up to around 30 total credits (30 ECTS) per semester.
  3. For universities in South Korea, 1 Korean credit equals 1.67 ECTS (3 Korean credits equal 5 ECTS). That is, 0.9 Korean credit = 1 SKS. Typically, a maximum number of Korean credits students can take is 19 credits (or around 21 SKS) per semester.
  4. For universities in the USA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, 1 credit usually equals 2 ECTS. That is, 0.75 US / Taiwanese credit = 1 SKS.

These equivalencies may not be relevant to graduate (Master’s and Doctoral) students. Students should check with or consult the Study Program on the credit equivalency policy.


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