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FAQs on Outbound Student Exchange

GE3 Application

Some universities are members of GE3 and are also offered under the IRO Application Procedure, such as Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia) and Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).

How should I proceed with the application? Is it through IRO Application Procedure or GE3 Procedure?

  • Answer: IRO Application Period has an earlier deadline. Therefore, we will first consider applications submitted through the IRO Application Procedure. Therefore, if you are applying to a GE3 member university that is also offered under the IRO Application Procedure, you are advised to submit your application through the IRO Application Procedure.

Semester Overlaps

The semester at the host university overlaps with the start of Semester 2 at ITB (e.g. the semester at host ends in the beginning of February, but Semester 2 at ITB starts mid January).

What will happen or what should I do?

  • Answer for Student: You should discuss with your Academic Advisor and Study Program. If you still have classes in the first few weeks of Semester 2 at ITB, this means that you will have to request for permission to your Study Program (that you will skip several weeks of classes due to the exchange program). In your request, make sure that you specify when (the date) you will have arrived on campus upon the return from the exchange program.
  • Answer for Study Program: Once the request for permission to skip classes for the first few weeks is received from the student, Study Program can inform the respective course lecturers about this missing attendance for the first few weeks by the students who participated in the Outbound Student Exchange program.
  • Additional Comment: This may or may not apply if classes are organized virtually.


Upon completion of student exchange abroad, students will receive an academic transcript from the host university.

How and when will / can the academic transcript be received by the student?

  • Answer: The academic transcript is expected to be sent to IRO ITB or Study Program. Students can receive the academic transcript from their respective Study Program. IRO ITB will make coordination with the host university and Study Program.

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