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BritCham Indonesia Upcoming Events!

BritCham Indonesia Upcoming Events!

Coming Next Week, Special for All Ladies!
Dear Sir/Madam,
Metaverse is a virtual world term available in virtual reality (VR) that allows people to chat, socialize, travel, shop, and collaborate with avatars and holograms in a 3D virtual world. Financial transactions in the metaverse will be governed by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
What are the opportunities and challenges for brands to engage in this new platform technology? How can we leverage our business and continue growing our market reach in web3? The metaverse’s future reality is already taking shape and boundaries between the virtual and actual world have blurred.
Join us for this interactive session to learn about advances in AI/VR and IoT technology and what this new frontier may bring for us all.
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Almira Shinantya
Director of Brand Engagement Metaverse of WIR Group
Stephen Ng
CEO Metaverse Indonesia of WIR Group

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