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ASEAN-Japan Youth Forum: “Take Actions for Social Change” (TASC) 2024

ASEAN-Japan Youth Forum: “Take Actions for Social Change” (TASC) 2024

We are excited to announce the return of the ASEAN-Japan Youth Forum, “Take Actions for Social Change” (TASC) program for the year 2024, in collaboration with the Japan Foundation and the ASEAN University Network (AUN) Secretariat. We are thrilled to continue fostering cross-cultural exchange between young people from ASEAN countries and Japan and addressing pressing global issues.The TASC program offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students from AUN Core Member universities and Japanese universities to come together and explore practical solutions to current social challenges. Under the theme “Good Health and Well-Being,” participants will engage in a five-month journey from November 2024 to February 2025, featuring field trips in one ASEAN country and Japan, as well as online seminars.The program aims to establish meaningful connections among the youth, empowering them to actively contribute to positive societal change. Engaging in this programme, the participants will gain invaluable insights, broaden their perspectives, and develop skills essential for shaping a better world. In this connection, it would be appreciated if your esteemed university could disseminate this exceptional exchange program to your undergraduate students to apply..

  • Application Details:
    • Application Period: Now until June 30th, 2024
    • How to Apply: Submit the application through the AUN website
    • Necessary Documentation:
      • A duly filled Application Form available on the AUN Website.
      • An Essay completed by the applicant.
      • A letter of recommendation from a professor or advising teacher from the applicant’s current university.
      • Proof of English Proficiency through a valid test result or certificate (e.g., TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS) (if available)
      • Signed Consent Form authorizing the handling of personal information.

Documents are available for download on the AUN website.

  • Selection Process Timeline:
    • 1st Selection Round: July 2024
    • 2nd Selection Round (Online Interview): August – September 2024
    • Successful Candidate Announcement: September 2024

For more information and to access the Program Guidelines, Application Form, Essay Form, and other documents, please visit the AUN website.Should you have any inquiries, please contact Ms. Nisanat Watthayu at nisanat.w@aunsec.org and cc Mr. Tammapas Kalawantawanich at tammapas.k@aunsec.org.