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TU Berlin Winter School 2023

TU Berlin Winter School 2023

Registrations for the TU Berlin Winter University 2023 are in full



The TU Berlin Winter School takes place from 2 January – 27 January and

offers intensive and hand-on short courses of 2 – 4 weeks of duration.


Places are still available in the following courses:


On-Campus, 2 Jan – 27 Jan

Business for Data Science with Python


On-Campus, 16 Jan – 27 Jan

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Python for Data Analysis and Visualization


All courses are in English and ECTS accredited.

Register here

A cultural program is provided in addition to the academic content, where participants will experience the highlights of Berlin and get to know their international peers.


Accommodation is available, students receive both a public transportation ticket and 24-hour support from the Winter School team on site.

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