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[UMP] Summer Program 2022

[UMP] Summer Program 2022

[UMP] Summer Program 2022

UMP Physical Summer School is now open! As we are aware of, studying abroad goes beyond gaining international experience. It broadens students’ horizons and opens their eyes to so many opportunities that they couldn’t have imagined otherwise.

Summer School @ UMP (End of July-Mid August)

Duration of the Program : 14 days (2 weeks)

Why UMP? Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is a public university in Malaysia specializing in the fields of engineering and technology. We are a 5 star world class technological university.  UMP is located in Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. Pahang features an interweaving of the sunny beaches by the coastline and the flourishing greens of countryside with a diverse palette of multi-cultural delicacies to get immersed in gastronomic delights.

UMP Summer Schools offer various unique programs coordinated by UMP CIR. The programs offer hands-on experiences in the specific course chosen by the participants from all over the world. Additionally, the participants will enjoy cultural explorations and interaction with the locals that enhance their understanding of the diversity, which ultimately may contribute to their global competency. The UMP entertaining and effective Summer School programs are managed by our dedicated professionals and fun buddies! All programs will be conducted in English.

The fee varies depending on the course selected with a minimum duration of 5 days and the group of students must be a minimum of 10 pax per program module.

For further information regarding the program, please refer to our brochures attached.

If you require further information or are interested to form any specific short-term programs, please do not hesitate to contact cir@ump.edu.my. UMP SUMMER SCHOOL

Explore Under Water World @UMP

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