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Research Matching with Multimedia University (Malaysia)

Research Matching with Multimedia University (Malaysia)

Research Matching with Multimedia University (Malaysia)

Multimedia University (MMU), Malaysia, is a partner university of ITB. ITB’s faculty members and students are invited to find a research topic by a faculty member or student of MMU, in the hope for a joint research project that may be proposed for further funding. The ongoing research topics of MMU’s faculty members and/or students can be found in the following links to be explored. Each link also includes information about the faculty member in charge of each topic.

Masters: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/research-titles-engineering/
PhD: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/ph-d-research-titles-engineering-sciences-mathematics/

IT/Computer Science
Masters: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/research-titles-ict/
PhD: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/ph-d-research-titles-information-and-communications-technology-computer-science/

Masters: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/research-titles-mgmt/
PhD: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/ph-d-research-titles-management-business-finance/

Multimedia Art
Masters: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/research-titles-creative-arts/
PhD: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/ph-d-research-titles-creative-multimedia-design-cinematic-arts/

Language and Social Sciences
Masters: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/research-titles-lang-comm/PhD: https://ips.mmu.edu.my/prospective-students/project-titles/ph-d-research-titles-language-communication-social-sciences/

If you are interested in collaborating with anyone of the faculty members or students on the research topic listed in the above links, please express your interest by August 1, 2022 (9 am, GMT+7) to iro@itb.ac.id by providing the following information:
1. Your status at ITB (For Faculty: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, etc.; For Students: master’s, doctoral);
2. Your Faculty / School at ITB
3. Your email address;
4. The title of the research project (as listed above) you are interested in collaborating;
5. The name of the faculty member in charge of the project;
6. Short motivation of why you are interested in the project;

After the deadline, IRO ITB will express the interests to IRO MMU for further correspondence.

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