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Asuka Japanese Language School

Asuka Japanese Language School

As our society become internationalized, it has becoming more and more important for people of different cultural background to communicate and understand each other. By current development of information technology, we can communicate globally without leaving our living place. However we believe that there are many things that can be learnt only in different cultural environment.You can enjoy your life in beautiful nature and mild climate in Oita. For all of you who want to study Japanese to realize your dream, Asuka Japanese Language School are happy to assist your study in Japan and opening up the door to the future.

Asuka Japanese Language School has been engaged in Japanese education and we have satisfied the needs of students studying Japanese since 1992. There are more than 600 graduates of our school and they are active all around world.

Goal of our education is not only to remember Japanese, but also to think about what they can do with Japanese and feel that Japanese they learn is class is “useful” and “conveyable”.
Furthermore, students will interact, learn and think about the foreign culture in living aspect as well as classroom, and Asuka Japanese Language School will support the life of students in Japan to be better.
Class sizes are small, ensuring that each student receives careful attention. All of teachers are qualified. Their goal is to promote cultural diversity and understanding, both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.

more information: http://asuka.ac.jp/nihongo/e/guidance.html

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