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DGIST, a research-oriented university founded by the Korean government in 2004, has rapidly grown into one of Korea’s leading institutes in the field of science and technology since the introduction of graduate and ungraduate programs in 2011 and 2014, respectively. Furthermore, DGIST has established its ground in the competitive educational sphere by building many high-technology facilities throughout the new campus in April. The graduate school currently offers Master and PhD. degree programs in six majors: Emerging Materials Science, Information & Communication Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Brain Science, and New Biology. With our vision to become a world-leading convergence-research university, all lectures are delivered in English nurturing future global leaders and professionals in science and technology fields.

Various benefits and the best enviroment for the students research and study are being offered at DGSIT: Full scholarship, stipend (7.440.000 KRW~/year for Master students, 13.680.000 KRW~/year for Ph.D. students), convenient dormitory facilities, and free Korean Classes. Among 388 talented graduate students, 31 International students from all over the world (USA, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Iran, Nepal and Egypt) are studying and researching of their specialized fields at DGIST.

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