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[Inha University] 2016 Inha Summer School

[Inha University] 2016 Inha Summer School

Enclosed please find the promotion materials of Inha University’s 2016 Summer School. Thanks to the great success of the program last year, Inha University will now offer more courses and cultural experience programs in this year.

In addition to the Korean culture and language studies, Inha University offer courses about Korean Business & Economy, East Asian Politics & International Relations, Korean Society & Politics through Films and Introduction to Health & Wellness in Korea (including a taekwondo class), etc. These courses not only cover theories on the introductory level but also present diverse aspects in the chosen fields and include site visits to various off campus places.


Since last year, Inha University have offered various culture classes arranged in Tracks so that students could involve in more closely with Korean Culture. For this year’s program, Inha University would even more strengthen the cultural part of the program by offering Optional Field Trips (Visit to Korean Global Companies, Visit to Amusement Park, Visit to Digital Media City and Watching Baseball Game) that participants can select at an extra charge. Through a variety of culture experiences, participants would have chances to know about Korea in more details.


Inha University are sure that through 2016 Inha Summer School, you will have a unique opportunity for academic challenge, enriching personal development and acquiring valuable life skills.


Students who are interested in 2016 Inha Summer School can apply online at http://summer.inha.ac.kr.  The online application website will be open in early March, and the application and payment deadline will be 6th of May.


Since Inha University are planning to provide participants with more exciting cultural program, the tuition fee has been more increased than last year. Kindly note that students from Inha University partner universities will get USD 100 discount as well.


If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please do not hesitate to contact the International Center at inhasummer@inha.ac.kr or orir@inha.ac.kr.

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